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How Do You Properly Dispose Of Turpentine?



Disposing of turpentine the right way is important to keep our environment safe. Remember that turpentine is a flammable liquid and it is your responsibility to ensure it is properly handled.

Here’s What You Should Be Sure Not To Do:

Don’t Pour It Down the Drain:

Never pour turpentine or any other household hazardous chemical down the sink, toilet, or any drain. It can harm the water supply and the environment.

Don’t Throw It Away In The Trash:

Hazardous products should never be thrown in the trash. This can create a hazardous condition with the handling of trash or it could leak out into the environment.

Never Mix or Dilute with Other Chemicals:

Don’t mix turpentine with other cleaners or chemicals. This could cause dangerous reactions and create a dangerous situation.

Alternatives to Throwing Away:

Use It Up:

If you can, try to use all the turpentine for your projects until there’s none left.

Store the Container for Later Use:

If you have leftover turpentine, close the container tightly and store in a safe place for later use. This stops it from spilling or evaporating. There are many uses for turpentine and you might find it helpful in the future. Just be sure to properly store by keeping away from children and keep away from heat or flames. Turpentine is flammable.

Share the Product With Someone Else:

Many people have uses for turpentine so ask around and see if someone else can benefit from the product. This helps them meet their needs without them having to purchase their own bottle.

How To Dispose Of Properly:

Find a Disposal Site:

Look for a hazardous waste disposal site in your area. Turpentine should not be disposed of in the trash. Remember turpentine is flammable and must be disposed of properly.

Search For Local Resources

Search online for “Household hazardous waste” or “HHW” along with your city name and you will find local resources on how to properly dispose of all household hazardous products. They will usually offer year round collection of these types of product and will provide a calendar of the dates that you can bring it in for safe disposal.

Use the website

You can also use the online resource found at to search. Simply enter “household hazardous waste” and your city and the website will find you many local resources.

In Summary, disposing of household hazardous waste is easy to do and takes minimal effort to ensure these products do not create a dangerous situation for people or for the environment. With a little effort you can find many resources to safely dispose of household hazardous waste!


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